Set the value of your voucher – anything between CZK 400 and CZK 9,900 – you can choose any amount but always in full hundreds (CZK 1,500, CZK 3,700, etc.). Vouchers are valid for 1 year and it can be extended only for fee. By buying a voucher you aren’t buying a particular product or package; you are just buying a value which can be exchanged for accommodation or restaurant services, at Prezidentská. If you pay by card on-line, you will have your voucher in several minutes.

* only for payment

* we will send you payment instructions and a voucher after payment

The required amount in whole hundred crowns with a minimum value of 400 CZK and a maximum of 9 900 CZK.

Depending on the bank, the transfer and subsequent confirmation may take 5 business days. It will not be possible to issue the voucher until payment.

You can print an electronic voucher in PDF or display it on your mobile when you use it. The gift design will be sent by post.

Do you have a discount code? Feel free to use it ...

How to use a voucher online

Choose a date in the reservation form as well as the room you want to book. Fill in all necessary information concerning the guests and enter your voucher code in the SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS field. Choose BANK TRANSFER as the payment method. If the value of the voucher is higher than the value of the reservation, you can spend the difference in the restaurant. If the value of the voucher is lower, we will inform you on how to settle the difference.

The voucher will be uploaded in the hotel account, and it will be necessary to use its whole value during your stay. An amount that has not been used cannot be refunded in cash or otherwise. The stay must begin no later than on the last day of the voucher validity, i.e., no later than one year following the day it was purchased.

Under the applicable sales records laws, a seller is obliged to issue a sales receipt to a buyer. It shall also register the revenue received with the tax administrator on-line; no later than within 48 hours in case of a technical failure.