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Detour via Hrabětice - from May till July 2022

From 16 May to 31 July 2022, the road from Bedřichov from the stadium up to Královka and Prezidentská will be under reconstruction. During the works, you can reach us on Prezidentská from the other side - via Hrabětice.

The works and restrictions apply only on weekdays. On the other hand, the direction from Bedřichov will be unrestricted on weekends.

Pedestrians will be able to pass with caution, cyclists should choose another route or be prepared for a bike carrying: -)

We are looking forward to the new road, but especially to you, our dear guests. 

People you meet here

Tomáš Voksa

Tomáš Voksa

When he first came to us at Prezidentska, it was 1995. Tomas, with long hair and a backpack over his shoulder, was originally just looking for a summer job for a few months. But it ended up that he has been with us (and with you) for over 20 years.
Tomáš Roubínek

Tomáš Roubínek

Tomáš started under the wings of our company as a student in a restaurant at Jested. He originally went to Prezidentská only for a short-term job, but he doesn't want to change the mountain air anymore and you can meet him at Prezidentská for more …
Adam Kadlec

Adam Kadlec

The young soul of our team atPrezidentska, who will shatter even your ideas about what these young people are actually about. If you welcome having your needs addressed by someone with the utmost attention, come to Prezidentska and meet Adam.
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Prezidentská chata
Janov nad Nisou 524
468 11

Prezidentská chata is situated on the ridges of the Jizera Mountains, in the district of the town of Janov nad Nisou, but in the immediate vicinity of Bedřichov, which is also the best way to get here.

Why Prezidentská?

In 2018 we celebrated our 90th anniversary. The chalet has an impressive history, which reflects all dramatic social changes that this region faced in the 20th century. But now there’s peace and quiet here, so we hope our chalet will also be here for next centuries.