Comfort for 2 people

2 beds • shower and toilet • LCD TV • breakfast included

Family comfort for 4

4 beds • 2  rooms • shower and toilet • LCD TV • breakfast included

Classic for 2 people

2 beds • shared shower and toilete • breakfast included

Classic for 3 people

3 beds • shared shower and toilet • breakfast included

Classic for 4 people

4 beds • shared shower and tolilet • breakfast included


2 lůžka • možnost přistýlky • vlastní koupelna s toaletou • TV • snídaně v ceně • nelze s dětmi ani se psy

Pod Vejminkem

2 lůžka • vlastní koupelna s toaletou • TV • snídaně v ceně • vlastní vchod ze dvora • venkovní posezení • kávovar • děti i psi ano • cena od 1800 Kč

Give a comfort

Buy a gift voucher for Prezidentská – after paying for it you will be able to choose from several designs and print the voucher out immediately. Vouchers can be used for accommodation or restaurant services. You can give a voucher to a family member or use it as an original gift for your business partners.

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Do not leave it to chance

Some dates are booked long in advance. During summer and spring holidays we prefer reservations of week-long stays from Saturday to Saturday; just before holidays we also offer the last free rooms for individual nights. It is recommended that you search for the date for your stay in our Calendar and make a reservation as soon as possible. Our prices never go down at the last minute. In contrast, those who make an early enough reservation have an advantage.

Reservation online

Order is important

We are lucky to have great guests! For such guests the Rules of Accommodation are just a formality. However, they include rules that both parties must respect. For example, the way we treat your personal data or the method of cancelling a reservation.

Rules of Accommodation (cs)

Before arrival

Look for benefits and practical inormation you may welcome before your arrival.