Into a forest in your slippers?

From us from Prezidentska you can get in the forest even in your slippers, because you need about 20 steps. But you rather do not so. Instead bring from the wood bilberries or pick mushrooms. If it is not the right season you will at least get fresh air and new inspiration.

What to wear when you go out

Thanks to our own meteorological station and camera directly at Prezidentská, we provide you with the most accurate weather information on Jizera Mountains ridge.

Weather and Web camera

Jizerská magistrála

Prezidentská chata stands right on the route of the Jizerská lyžařská magistrála (Jizera Skiing Arterial Track)—cross-country skiing trails that will take you to all corners of the Jizera Mountains, and are groomed daily, depending on weather conditions. We know this because each year we donate funds to the Jizerská magistrála so that the trails are beautiful and offer the best cross-country skiing experience possible.

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